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  1. K

    Issues with dual router setup

    I've setup my network as shown, but some of the client devices aren't connecting as expected. My attempts at setting Static Routes / VLANs have failed, can any kind souls here help? Issues 1. Steam Link on SHIELD ( normally fails to link with PC (, with streaming...
  2. T

    GT-AX6000 - Beginner Setup (Merlin etc)

    Hey all! Am relatively new to custom firmwares etc and seeing the power that routers can have. I just got the Asus GT-AX6000 to replace my Netgear R7800. Wanted WiFi6 and slightly better hardware. I'll be using WiFi to connect pretty much everything (Besides a philips Hue bridge and an old NAS...
  3. N

    Asus XT8 new setup problem

    Just got 2 units XT8 and after initial setup update popup so I decided to run it. Well that was a mistake. After update my main node stop working. only keep showing solid "blue" light and no matter what and how I did can't pass initial setup anymore. it just stuck with "connect your router" even...
  4. K

    Short time listener, First time caller

    First off, Thank you guys for the wealth of information. I went into this blind and with much trial and error I am really close to have my router(RT-AC3100) set up the way I want. Went from complete ignorance of router settings to knowing enough to be dangerous(at least to my self and router...
  5. S

    Need help with upgrading my Router

    Hi, I'm clueless when it comes to anything network related. I currently have a DSL connection to the home and Fibre to the cabinet, im with Hometelecom. The router they provided is: technicolour tg588v v2 However I want a dual band as the speeds are slow and the Hometelecom technician said...
  6. A

    Help with new ASUS RT3100

    I confess to being a bit of a newbie, but I cannot manage to get my new rt3100 router to recognize my internet connection. I plug my old DLink in and everything is fine. We have attempted everything in the online support and it still won't connect to the internet. Our internet type is considered...
  7. L

    Help streaming 4k content

    Hi everyone. I´m posting this thread because, even though I searched and got some answers, I think I will be better off explaining my particular situation. I´m trying to stream 4k content to my Nvidia Shield over the network, with plex, and a few seconds after the video starts, I get a message...
  8. E

    ASUS RP-AC56 Won't connect to Ethernet cable

    hello, so I've been trying to set up the wifi extender and I've been able to connect it to my router (Sagemcom fast 5250) wirelessly, but when I plug it into an Ethernet cord it doesn't pick up the signal. The wireless internet is terrible, so my parents need a wired connection. I've tried...