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  1. Daniel Flynn

    LAN Connection keeps dropping while WAN is fine

    A little background So I have a very complex problem here, I'll explain my setup. I have a Vodafone Huawei HG658c Modem/Router connected to my DSL port near the front door, it's in IP Routed mode connected to Vodafone VDSL and is also the DHCP server for the house. But since it is in a corner at...
  2. T

    LAN / WAN issues when moving GB's of data via gigabit

    Hi. I'm having an issue when I copy data from a PC to my NAS ay gigabit speeds. My Router is an Asus RT-68U ROUTER --> Port 3 --> Printer | | | ---> Port 1 --> NetGear GS108PE Switch | VLAN10 | --> Port 1 --> NAS Synology (1000)...
  3. Mastran

    Urgent Help with Fiber Optic/Ethernet CCTV LAN

    Hello, this is my first post in this amazing forum (i didn´t find the "Newbies say Hi" section), and as usual, i come with questions i hope somebody can answer. So after being unemployed for 2 years, i´ve landed a miracle job doing Cabling and LAN deployment in a Small Company, basically they...
  4. P

    Article explaining how access to Internet works

    Hello, I've been looking for an article that explains from "first principles" what happens when a computer on a home LAN accesses a website. This for a colleague who wants to learn more about this. This would ideally include: - home network configuration using DHCP - using ARP to access the...