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  1. Apelli

    Need advice on AiMesh and NFS server.

    How will they work together? :confused: Since the NFS server config requires an IP, are AiMesh router and node in one subnet, or the node has its own external IP and then assigns internal IPs to the devices connecting from dead zone?
  2. TanyaC

    Copying a file from server when connecting segments to router directly kills internet and network

    Hi, I've been trying to solve a problem with my network where if I run any torrent program and then try and copy a large file from my server to ANY PC on my network it kills the Internet and the PCs on the LAN become unresponsive. The problem may also apply to heavy HTTP traffic too but I...
  3. TanyaC

    Copying file from A-->B kills internet and network but B-->A is fine

    Some time ago I had a problem with my Windows server 2012 R2 downloads failing. My ISP of course blamed my equipment. I had an ASUS RT-AC878U. So I replaced it with an RT-AC88U. That didn't fix the issue. It turned out to be a dodgy port on my Fibre Terminating Device ("NTD"). When I purchased...
  4. C

    LAN only 100Mbit/s

    Hi, i have the new Merlin Firmware on my AC68U with 1Gbit/s support. Since i changed to Merlin (older Firmwares too), i have only (real) 100Mbit/s. If that´s a known bug, please tell me how to fix it. If not, pls fix the bug :D Thanks for your Help!
  5. AgentSmith

    Network set up for semi-noob

    *If this is the wrong forum please move to appropriate one. I've had a small network for many years that I fumbled through the set up and some how made it work myself. It consists of older hardware & software that was used for mostly business productivity purposes and has served my needs to...
  6. A

    WAN port in AP mode

    Hello, I would like to use WAN port on a par with other 4 LAN ports in access point (AP) mode on my RT-AC87U with 380.68_4 Merlin firmware. Do I need to move WAN port (port 0 on BCM5301x switch) from vlan2 to vlan1 manually by robocfg utility in AP mode? Thank you.
  7. M

    New LAN Cabling Install Advice

    Hi all, Am currently in the process of planning the cabling for my house LAN setup. The house is all solid walls, and as I don't particularly want to break into the plaster/walls more than minimally necessary (if possible), I went ahead and bought 100m roll of external Cat6, 23 AWG cable. I'm...
  8. D

    380.66 (_2) Bridge Multicast Snooping Problem

    I think the new setting to enable bridge multicast snooping is broken. My only evidence is when I'm watching IPTV, the LAN lights on all the devices behind my AC3100 are flashing continuously. On the previous firmware only the lights on the switch the set-top box is connected to were constantly...
  9. D

    ASUS AC5300 SSH in Lan not working to intel edison

    Hoping for some help. I replaced my old linksys wireless router with a new Asus AC5300. The router is plugged into a cable modem. I am trying to access an Intel edison via SSH. I have it set to the same internal ip by mac address in settings. No matter what, however, I cannot ssh into...
  10. Phrozt

    Cannot connect to a remote computer after *it* connects to a VPN.

    Here's the setup: - Router: TM AC1900 running as RT-AC68U with Merlin firmware - I have win10 desktop (personal) computer and a win10 laptop (work) computer. - Desktop is hardwired to router - Laptop is connected via wifi. It's 3 ft away, but all other hard lines are taken. -...
  11. N

    Lan port 4 different network

    Hi all, Since I had no success with overclocking my Asus router I went for a Pfsense box that handles all my VPN stuff however I've got one last bit that I want to change and that is that I want the Pfsense boxes WAN on a different network preferably a small 10.x subnet. Essentially I got two...
  12. R

    ASUS RT-N66U - How to block specific sites?

    Hello, I need to block access to Facebook asap. Is there any way? Tried: Firewall - URL filter - enable - added word facebook but it doesn't work, I can access to facebook.. Need to block FB in whole LAN for all computers. Thank you.
  13. F

    Asus Router as Client and VPS ubuntu OpenVPN LAN Access

    I have my Asus Router running merlin acting as a client connected to my VPS offsite running Ubuntu using OpenVPN. I am trying to access my LAN when I connect my phone to the VPN but I am having trouble with the routing. When I do a trace route on my phone with it connected to the VPN it just...
  14. F

    LAN failures

    I posted a thread on this topic earlier and it went away, but now it's back. Every few days - about once per week, my router drops the entire LAN portion of the network. I had this problem on multiple routers - Netgear WNR2000v3, Netgear AC2700 series, and now the Asus AC3200. I had this on...
  15. C

    how to connect to a device in a different subnet?

    hello in my house i have the main router which is connected to internet and create a local network like this (call it NET-A): router ip: DHCP - connected to NET-A through the ethernet there's an access point to create a wireless network (call it NET-B)...
  16. I

    The challenge!

    Hi all Since this is my first thread on this forum, it might be in the wrong place, and for that i apologize. Also the topic seems to cover several subforums, so this i where my post ended up. :) The hardware: Modem: Sagem FAST 3686 (DOCSIS 3.0 HW: V2.0 SW: TDC_3.48.0) Router : ASUS...
  17. B

    Can't get any network on my desktop PC - red cross

    Hi, (I got recommended this site from a guy on TenForums, so I hope you can help me finding a solution) I have a desktop PC with an ASUS motherboard. I can't get ANY connection to the internet. I just get the computer with the red cross in the lower right corner. I've no idea, how to fix it, and...
  18. A

    dns fails when wan disconnected

    Hi is this normal, when I disconnect the wan cable, red light comes on, and I cannot resolve any local names, ether this set via the lan dhcp page, or added to dnsmasq.? Forwarding 'Forward local domain queries to upstream DNS' is disabled (and pointless I suppose when the wan is disconnected)...
  19. K

    Share Internet to rental apartment

    Hi all Just bought a house. As part of the house there is a separate apartment that I will rent out. I will have to provide Internet to this apartment. I have come up with what I think will be the final network design, but I need some input to what device I should put in after the Cable Modem...
  20. M

    Test speed between NAS and router (wired)

    Hi All, I searched far and wide, could not find a simple solution for this. And I really thought it should be simple (famous last words :)) At home I have this setup: Asus RT68 router (running Merlin 380.61) <--> DLink DIR-645 (as an additional access point / switch) <--> QNAP TS-459 Pro. All...