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  1. mthomp

    Another newbie, looking to see if I have setup correct

    I have: OTA antenna, with amp, coming to coax splitter, that routes signal to 2 TVs (expanding soon to 3 TVs). Router wired to switch (plus wireless devices). The router is next to one of the TVs. I am considering a set (2 for now) -- Bonded 2.0 MoCA adapters (TrendNet TMO-311C2K. I'm not a...
  2. IAVV

    Matching MoCA adapter brand to the modem?

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to set up a MoCA network in my new home (new to the concept, haven't set one up before); and, though I'm confident on how to set this up correctly, I had one question about which brand of adapter to go with. I have a Hintron DOCSIS 3.1 E31N2V1, with Spectrum as my...
  3. S

    4+ bay NAS w/btrfs support

    A NAS newbie here. I'm looking for an economical 4+ bay NAS with btrfs support. This would mostly be a backup solution for my various devices and computers, as well as hosting your standard (not extremely large) photo and music collections. Cost isn't the biggest consideration, but I'd...
  4. K

    Orbi best practices and setup

    If I missed a sticky please let me know. I set up my Orbi AC3000 and satellite and am looking for some more detailed information on how to best tweak it or at least a benchmark config. I am running in AP mode (Frontier/FIOS G1100 router), using channel 5 for 2.4ghz selected. It is the least...
  5. W

    First time Sophos UTM home edition user

    I bought an old lab computer that is a Dell Optiplex 990. The specs on the dell, intel i5 2500, 8 gigs of ddr3 ram, on board intel nic and I also bought an Intel pro/1000 pt dual port server adapter off of Amazon. I will provide a link to the network card below. So far my home network consist of...
  6. K

    Request for Help: Introduction to Firewall (iptables) config to increase 32 rule limit

    Hi All, RE: Could someone please explain the specific steps, and what code i need to add/change in asuswrt-merlin, in order to use iptables or another approach to increase my stock firewall 32 rule limit. I am a newbie regarding the use of asuswrt-merlin. I have the stock asuswrt firmware...
  7. K

    Dual-WAN static IP on one?

    using ASUSwrt-merlin 380.65, dual wan, WAN-1 is at&t uverse with static IP, WAN-2 is galaxy tab 3, 4g LTE via USB. it was working great until i got the static IP's. now when it failsover it dies, says "Your ISP's DHCP does not function properly" i guess it has something to do with the static IP...