port forwarding

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  1. P

    Port Forwarding stops working after adding addional AiMesh node

    Hello, I have Asus RT-AX88U Pro and I set up port forwarding to PC/linux machine (wired connection directly to RT-AX88U Pro, added a rule in DHCP that this computer has to have the same IP every time; Port forwarding details: external port: 1980, internal port: 1980; service...
  2. Mr Solis

    Enabling NAT Acceleration (CTF) breaks Port Forwarding? (RT-AC68U w/ 386.12_4)

    Hi, I've come across an issue with port forwarding not working when IPTraffic is disabled. My intention was to enable CTF to increase throughput. EDIT1: Ahh, further research shows NAT acceleration and port forwarding are incompatible. EDIT2: Why is it that port forwarding for TCP works, but...
  3. Neo-ST

    [RT-AX86U] Can't open ports

    I was behind CGNAT, but sent an email to my ISP the other day and today received my public WAN IP for the first time. Went to WAN - Port forwarding, enabled Port forwarding. Typed in service name, protocol, external port and internal ip. Clicked OK. Opened my browser, went to check open port...
  4. A

    PS5 port forwarding and VPN rules

    Hi everyone, I am trying to set up port forwarding on my PS5 for smoother and faster online gameplay. Activision sent me a list of ports to forward, but I don't want to trust their instructions. I have a Mesh system with 2 AX86U using the latest merlin firmware, and my internet connection is...
  5. P

    Asus RT-N16 Port-forwarding issue

    Hello everybody, I've been trying to forward 80 port on RT-N16 and no success, it just don't work no matter what I do I've tried factory reset twice. I have manually assigned the LAN ip to the device I intend to use the port on AND I disabled UPnP .... BUT if I enable the Web Access from WAN...
  6. A

    Exactly What Ports Do the Open NAT Game Profiles Use?

    I've used a couple of game profiles in Open NAT to quickly forward some ports for these games. I can see a few of the forwarded ports in the Open NAT page, but not all of them. Is there a way to see the full list of ports associated with each preset game profile? My router is an RT-AX88U...
  7. B

    Instant Guard VPN

    I just set up an edge router in front of my AX88U Pro, which caused my Asus IP address to become private and not allowing instant guard or DDNS to work. I tried to set up port forwarding on the edge router but it still is showing my Asus IP to be private. I'm not sure I'm doing it right but I...
  8. Aide0669

    Help with port forwarding for ProtonVPN on AX-56U

    The Asus AX-56U router allows for an OpenVPN connection to launch at startup, and disables all non-VPN traffic. This makes for a really great setup for me, where all my devices are thus behind a VPN at the router level. Furthermore, I was able to add port forwarding to my VPN so I can connect to...
  9. tRiFFiD

    WAN IP is wrong, port forwarding not working

    After using an RT-AC87U for almost 4 years, I picked up an RT-AX56U on sale. I also changed internet providers on the same day as I set up the new router. I've got a custom DDNS script that was working fine previously on the old router, and after copying it across to the new one it works there...
  10. J

    Solved Friends can't connect to my server with external IP.

    Year after year I have been the one to host a minecraft server for a few weeks when the new minecraft update comes so me and my buddies can have some nostalgia and fun. Every year I set up the server. In my router settings I set the port and double check the if the server's internal ip is still...
  11. B

    AC87U - Port Forwarding, Is a DMZ Required

    Good Day, I hop everyone is enjoying their new year so far. I am having an issue with my RT AC87U Router. Specifically, the port forwarding feature. I have followed the directions to enable port forwarding on the router so I can access my LAN Minecraft Server from the WAN. It seems like a...
  12. theirongiant

    UPnP issues: port forwarding page not updating properly, and the UPnP config file retains old "deny" entries after removing static port mappings

    I seem to be having some issue with UPnP for a couple of builds now. I have an AX88U running firmware 388.1, production build. The page "Advanced_VirtualServer_Content.asp" shows several applications with static port definitions that I set. One application on my Mac has an option to...
  13. A

    Solved Portforward not working on RT-AX86S

    I've been trying to portforward on my ASUS AX86S router for a couple of days and its just not working and idk what else to try. Anyone having similar issues or know issues or anything I should try? thanks
  14. J

    Solved Double NAT Problem — Verizon 5g Home Internet Gateway (LVSKIHP)

    Is anyone familiar with the “new” Verizon 5g home internet gateway (LVSKIHP)?? They seemed to have gone to great lengths to limit user access on the device’s web GUI. There’s no option to put the device into bridge mode. There’s no pass through. DMZ seems only to bypass certain router...
  15. halilnevzat

    RT-AC86U firewall blocks forwarded ports

    hi, im using asuswrt-merlin 386.7_2 , i use torrent often with Rutorrent, i have a fiber nokia modem provided by my isp, and my router connected to it via LAN cable and runs in a wireless router mode. all ip's is static. my main problem is when i open firewall my forwarded ports gets cut off, i...
  16. Phantomski

    Port Forwarding and Skynet firewall ruleset

    Hi everyone, playing a bit with log management / analysis and potential feedback loop to live firewall rules. Call it a poor man tinkerer IDS/IPS :D I have a fairly simple setup with RT-AC88U (with Skynet) using port forwarding rules on ports 80 and 443, redirecting to a Docker-ised rPi4...
  17. A

    ASUS RT-AC66U B1 - Port forwarding not applying

    It's a classic post, I know... Let me put down the basics: ASUS RT-AC66U B1 Router Firmware: Router WAN IP is the same as external IP (ie not CGNAT) Attempting to port forward for Home Assistant on RaspPi, port 8123 Rule as follows Internal Port should mirror External Port...
  18. T

    ASUS RT-AC3100 port forward not working

    So I currently have the ASUS RT-AC3100, however I have hit a roadblock. Whenever I turn on port forwarding and put in the port it doesn't work. UPNP works but specifying a manual port just doesn't work. Anyone know what's going on? I have a public IP address, and my isp doesn't block ports. I'm...
  19. E

    Understanding what VPN Port Forwarding does locally

    I use a VPN service provider (similar to NordVPN etc), which offers port forwarding (opening ports). My understanding is that this is beneficial for some applications, such as BitTorrent. However, I am trying to understand what the functionality of opening ports actually accomplishes...
  20. S

    Port forwarding broken with HW NAT acceleration

    After upgrading to 386.1_2 (from a version that was at least a year old) port forwarding (on some non-standard ports, not sure if that matters) broke, until I disabled HW NAT acceleration (i.e. set it to “Disable” from “Auto”). The way it broke was that I could make the TCP connection (from...