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  1. TrueGret

    AC3200 w 384.13_10 2.384 w Diversion-Entware stops after a few minutes

    Greetings - First, thanks and kudos to all the developers that have worked on this project. I think it is amazing and makes since to halt unwanted ads before it gets to our devices. I will be more than happy to donate to the cause (reminds me a bit of the old days of Shareware). I need a...
  2. gentisle

    RT-AC3200 As a Travel Router?

    Hi all, I have the RT-AC3200 and have wondered if I could make it into a travel router. I have been an OTR trucker, and I am in a different place each night. It would be nice to have my router connect to truckstop/hotel wifi, and then all my devices could partake of the Internet. I have found...
  3. AndreasT

    USB modem not initialized

    Hello. I have an ASUS RT-AC3200 with Merlin version 384.13_10 which I believe is the latest available. I'm posting this here since I doubt the issue is Merlin related. I just got an USB modem (Huawei E3372) to use the Dual-Wan feature, but the initialization of the modem seems to continuouly...
  4. S

    Monitor Internet Contents in RT-AC3200

    Hi, I used RT-AC3200 as main router. Do I have any solution to use RT-AC3200 to monitor my kid to use internet? I don't want to him to touch dark information. Or setup black list?
  5. T

    ASUS RT-AC3200 running Merlin's 384.13_4 vpnclient page shows incorrect menu.

    Hi Guys, Has anyone come across this issue ever. My vpn client page shows "Previous" and "Next" instead of "yes" and "no". See attached. Any ideas what could this be? Rebooting doesn't help.
  6. P

    R8000p vs RT-AC3200 vs D-Link DIR-3060 VS WRT3200ACM

    My Linksys WRT1900ACS decided to take a dump on me and I can't breath life back into it. Looking for a replacement with the following: Netgear R8000p Asus RT-AC3200 D-Link DIR-3060 Linksys WRT3200ACM A two floor smaller house. I game but not too much. Looking for recommendations on the...
  7. D

    RT-AC3200 Port Forwarding

    Hello. My RT-AC3200 port forwarding isn't working. It used to work (at one point), but I think a firmware update stopped that (currently sitting at In order to make my modem and router work together I have placed my router in the modems DMZ. I try to use transparent bridging on the...
  8. Parallax Abstraction

    VoIP Service Suddenly Not Working on 384.13

    Hey all. I've been a happy user of Merlin on mt RT-AC3200 for a while now. However, a random problem has popped up and I'm not sure why. I have VoIP service through my ISP (Start.ca) that I don't use often but when I do, I use the Zoiper5 softphone. It's worked well for a long time but...
  9. G

    SSID bug on firmware 384.12 on RT-AC3200

    Hi, I did search for this issue and couldn't find any reference but if there is already a thread, please direct me to it. I have an RT-AC3200 running 384.12. I have 3 wireless networks for the three radios with distinct SSIDs. However, irrespective of which radio I choose in the Wireless...
  10. T

    Is AiProtection not working on latest 384.11 Merlin's firmware???

    Hi guys, I have RT-AC3200 running latest (384.11) Merlin's firmware. What I've been noticing is that AiProtection doesn't report anything. I'd usually have a lot of IPS reports. but now everything is just 0 . It seems to me like it's not working. I did never withdraw sharing information with...
  11. E

    384.6 Now sharing data to Trend Micro?

    I noticed a number of things upon loading latest 384.6 (RT-AC3200) FirmWare with regard to privacy and more. Please read, consider, discuss and help drive/demand greater safeguards consumer protections and users privacy. Thank You! I'm becoming more and more wary of data sharing. Many say to...
  12. bytemunchr

    ASUS RT-AC3200 Only allowing 10 clients per radio

    Any idea why I'm only able to have 10 devices connected for each radio? I have many many devices on my network, after a factory reset and an upgrade to Merlin 384.3 I can only have 10 clients per radio at any given time. All other clients are denied access. DHCP seems to have plenty of...
  13. bytemunchr

    RT-AC3200 Running Merlin 384.3 Random Reboots

    Hello! I've been seeing a very odd issue since updating to 384.3, my router will randomly reboot throughout the day. It's happened twice in a 5 hour period today alone. Nothing seems out of the ordinary and my logs are pretty clear, but I haven't caught it before it reboots itself, so I'm...
  14. 0

    Can't find Network Samba USB Share on RT-AC3200 even after updating and resetting

    Hey all, Today I plugged my 8TB WD EasyStore from Black Friday into the USB port on the back of the RT-AC3200. It wasn't showing up at first so I completed the firmware update to 384.3 and did restore factory settings first then initialize factory settings after that just to be sure and I still...
  15. D

    Desolder and Flash Chip question

    I'm convinced that some revisions of the Asus RT-AC3200 have a fatal flaw in that there is an issue where it can become irreversibly bricked and the recovery mode won't help. As such, I'm considering desoldering the flash chip from it and have it sent to someone for external flashing. Now my...
  16. nnike

    Wifi problems with iPhone X when connected to 5 Ghz band

    I’m having issues with my iPhone X when connected to the 5 Ghz band on a ASUS RT-AC3200 (latest RMerlin FW). The wifi disconnects or dropping and this only happens to my iPhone X. I have 5 other iDevices at home without any problems. I’ve reported this to Apple but just thought if anyone had...
  17. A

    RT AC3200 Flow acceleration

    Hi everyone, I am trying to enable FA for a while with my RT-AC3200, but it just won't show up enabled. I was on Merlin's firmware (380.68_4) when I realized it is not enabled. I've tried first to reset the device and cleared the nvram, rebooted - didn't work. I installed ASUS firmware...
  18. T

    VPN Clients only showing two instances.

    Guys, Thank you all for possible support and for reading through these various messages to help some of us out. For starters, I am a pretty sick person (crazy amounts of chemo and also MS) so I am pretty forgetful and have troubles getting things working on my own anymore but exhaust what...
  19. Potestatem - Will

    Stuck between two routers and a choppy NAS.

    Good morning, afternoon, evening or goodnight! My name is Will and I am a new member of the SNB community, (although, a long time-'ish' reader.) I hope I have posted in the correct forum, this thread could quite easily go into many of the different forums. Over the past few months or...
  20. joe012594

    ASUS Hidden Smart Connect Settings Decoded

    I'm not sure if anyone here is still interested in or uses ASUS' Smart Connect feature on their newer dual and tri band routers. If so, I've found all of the hidden settings for this feature (settings not accessible in the GUI) and, for the most part, have figured out how to 100% customize it...