1. G

    SSID bug on firmware 384.12 on RT-AC3200

    Hi, I did search for this issue and couldn't find any reference but if there is already a thread, please direct me to it. I have an RT-AC3200 running 384.12. I have 3 wireless networks for the three radios with distinct SSIDs. However, irrespective of which radio I choose in the Wireless...
  2. M

    Guest Wifi DHCP with separate subnet

    Hello All, I wanted to see about how I can get a separate DHCP range that is in a completely different subnet working via the dnsmasq.postconf file found via this tutorial. Here's a general overview of my setup: Fios > Enterprise firewall > Static Route on firewall pointing to WAN IP of...
  3. JensM

    Accesspoints with multiple ssids and vlans (and maybe mesh)

    I've moved to a new apartment. Unfortunately I have to change some bits of my network setup and I want to improve the network (in regards of isolation / vlans and VPN) at the same time. For that I'm still looking for a wifi solution that fits my needs. I read a lot in forums and blogs about...
  4. Klueless

    How Many SSIDs (WiFi Names) is Too Many?

    How Many SSIDs (WiFi Names) are Too Many? Up front I’m going to say if you need ‘em – use ‘em. Let’s take it further; if you want ‘em – use ‘em. The conversation often comes up as a side bar in other threads. There seems to be two camps; use as many as you need/want or use as few as...
  5. L

    Turning Off WiFi on RT-AC87U

    Good Morning: Is it possible to turn off or disable WiFi on the RT-AC87U. I just set up an Orbi Pro SRR60 and corresponding Satellite to handle all things WiFi. Currently, I renamed the SSID's on the Asus and hid the SSID's. However, that still means they are "still around." There is a...
  6. HuskyHerder

    iOS Shortcuts app - NetworkCheck

    This is a new version of my shortcut for iOS. I wanted to give you all an update on the progress. Ive ended up re arranging way, way, more inside the shortcut than I initially thought. I ended up chasing my tail looking for a gremlin in the works. I never could find it till I got home last...
  7. P

    Mobile clients unable to connect to Guest SSID on MikroTik

    Hi there, I am both new to this forum and a newbie in the MicroTik world. We just rolled out a MikroTik wireless network for a client with 2 WLC's and 12 Ap's. The devices are fairly old ones. They contain 2 SSIDS, one for local LAN access that uses Radius authentication, and the other for Guest...
  8. C

    dsl ac68u / multiple ssid for vpn connection

    I ordered asus dsl ac68u to use with my vdsl account. due i need modem function i am not thinking to install merlinwrt. i have subscribtion to nordvpn. i want to setup this on my router but i want to assign different ssid for vpn connection. for example; ssid1-UKvpn ssid2-USAvpn...
  9. T

    Multiple AP/Multiple Band roaming setup?

    Having retired my Apple Airport Extreme, I now have a Linksys WRT1900ACS (802.11ac) as my primary router and 2*Airport Express devices (802.11n/5GHz) to cover my house, all connected by Ethernet (ie with the AX devices in bridge mode). I obviously want to maintain maximum throughput but was...
  10. C

    Secondary WIFI Networks: VLANS or SSID, or Both?

    There's a lot of information aimed at different levels so I'm confused how to achieve what I want. I have an Asus Rt-AC3100 and I want to set up multiple, isolated networks that connect to the internet. The primary network would be accessible through wifi/ports but all other networks would...
  11. V

    SSID for VPN and SSID for Regular ISP using OpenVPN

    I followed the "How to setup SSID for VPN and SSID for Regular ISP using OpenVPN" but was unsuccessful. I did some research on this forum and found some old discussions on the topic with mixed answers. Question: Has anyone tried it recently and made it working? I would like some help if you...
  12. N

    Feature Request - VPN by SSID

    I've seen that the Asus Merlin firmware can be configured to support VPN by SSID (VPN over SSID1 and non-VPN traffic over SSID2 for example) by the following guide however this is quite complicated to setup and would be much better if supported through the GUI i.e. for example by adding a "SSID"...
  13. B

    Help with SSID name

    So, between this morning and right now, my ASUS RT-AC66R decided to reset itself completely (yet retain Merlin firmware) so I have decided to make a funny wifi name. The problem is that for some reason its not accepting unicode. I understand that the likelihood it would have was small, but I was...
  14. G

    2.4 Guest SSID enabled, but normal 2.4 disabled, webui or ssh ?

    Hello, Actually both normal 2.4 and 2.4 guest SSID are enabled, but the normal 2.4 isnt used at all. Can I disable the normal 2.4 SSID and keeping the 2.4 guest SSID in the webui, or only with SSH ? Thanks.
  15. S

    AC5300 - VPN Client on 1 SSID/Band only

    Since AC5300 has tri-band function and i does not use one of the 5G band, i wanted to use the spare 5G Band for VPN purpose only. The reason i need this is because some of the streaming apps i use on my Android TV Box will require VPN to China and some of the streaming apps does not work well...
  16. A

    Add emoji support in SSID?

    When I try to set an emoji SSID, I get the error: "SSID cannot contain the character ...". Would it be possible to support setting emoji SSIDs?
  17. sfx2000

    FAQ - Reserved Characters/Names - SSID/Passwords/Hostnames/Domains

    Maintaining/updating this list - I've tried to capture most of the characters/words/ranges to avoid - if there are more, please reply to this thread and I'll update the list... Changelist 08/11/19 - quick update about reserved domains and clarification on IP ranges for IPv4/IPv6 06/30/18 -...