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How to get log? AC68U freezing after TimeMachine and file sharing enabled

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Please, how can I discover the issue in my router and look for a solution?

My router is freezing after some days alive, this issue happened after to connect an external hard drive and enable both Time Machine and File Sharing for it.

Thanks a lot and regards
How large is your external hard drive, and how many files/folders do you have on it?

The most common cause for your type of "concern" is that the routers memory gets exhausted. As dlna (for example) continues to scan the HDD, it uses up memory, and the larger/more data on the drive, you end up exhausting the memory (along with the routers normal processes and functions) and it just crashes.
It`s an 1TB USB 3.0 portable HD, I had something arough 700GB stored, 400Gb of it was Time Machine and the rest from File History (Windows 10 automatic backup). I am using them basically to do backups from mac and windows.

I made a HD scan and they found (lot of) errors, so I removed all partitions, recreated a single NTFS and enabled only Time Machine now (almost all my windows files planned to have backup are also in my Mac through OneDrive, so the Windows backup is redundant), I ran scan disk again and its not finding any new issue.

The only error that I can see now from System Log is this:

Mar 27 10:27:55 cnid_dbd[1231]: Couldn't open extension maping file /usr/etc/extmap.conf
Mar 27 10:27:55 cnid_dbd[1231]: Couldn't load extension -> type/creator mappings file "/usr/etc/extmap.conf"

No idea how to solve this, but thanks =)
I am monitoring it again and I expect to not see another freezing episode, I was travelling this weekend as I was unable to access my desktop remotely because of this, was worrkied about some bad thing happening in my house =/

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