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  1. M

    AdGuardHome IPTables blocking TLS port 853 from other hosts

    While testing out an AdGuard Home instance on a Docker container, it failed to reach upstream TLS servers. Upon closer inspection, I traced the packets back to the AX86U router IPTables. There is a chain called "DNSFILTER_DOT" that is blocking any packet on port 853 that is not destined for...
  2. C

    LAN port isolation HTTPS (TLS/SSL failure)

    Hi all I isolated a LAN port on a AX-88U using the method as described here by Renjie Wu. Props to you sir. It is used to isolate some equipment (cameras and NVRs) that belong to the neighborhood I live in. It worked like a charm for a while but...
  3. U

    OpenVPN Server on Asus RT-N66U Attack

    Hi, Some details: 1. Asus stock firmware 2. Embeded openvpn server 3. Firewall and dos-protection are enabled Issue: In recent weeks the issues randomly happen with the VPN server - new clients can't connect to it. Router still works. Every time before this case the router...
  4. d0g

    Unable to connect to Surfshark VPN via OpenVPN

    I have an RT-AC87U with merlin 384.13_1 I've spent several hours on chat with Surfshark tech support trying to get router to connect. Not sure if problem is on my end or theirs. I keep getting TLS Error: TLS key negotiation failed to occur within 60 seconds (check your network connectivity)...
  5. D

    Secure method to share video files (sftp or AiCloud) with non-tech friends

    Hi, Errata: I would correct the title: (other than sftp or AiCloud) I'm looking from you folks to give some ideas for a secure file sharing method using the standard daemons available with Asus or Merlin firmware. I'm not into using command-line configs like vsftpd through entware or similar...
  6. J

    FTPS / FTP TLS WAN access broken again?

    Just noticed yesterday that my brother couldn't reach my FTP share over TLS, this has been working great for a long time. I found this old thread where DATA ports weren't dynamically opened, and I'm having the exact same symptoms as described in the old thread. @RMerlin refers to a fix in the...
  7. xulian

    Unable to connect to AP from firefox

    Hi, this is for a RT-AC68U from both windows and Mac with firefox. It shows in status bar the message "making TLS negotiation with xxxx" and ends with time exceeded. But, I can connect from Safari (from the Mac) and also with Firefox from another Linux machine. Any idea about what the problem...
  8. S

    Using DNSSEC & TLS together?

    Came across an older blog post that mentions DNSSEC is pointless when TLS is set up correctly. I know when I've configured my DNS for Cloudflare, it constantly throws errors about DNSSEC not configured or supported by upstream DNS servers. So my question is, assuming I'm using TLS correctly, do...
  9. M

    AIProtection on = "TLS" connection timeout FF at specific sites RT-AC3100 384.6

    RT-AC3100 ASUSWRT-Merlin 384.6 firmware as primary router. Specific web sites fail to load with AIProtection turned ON, even with sub-components turned off, but not consistently. Constant seems having the MAIN AIProtection button on. Both an HP ElitebookG1 and ZBookG3 on Win10Pro. A bit of...
  10. dugaduga


    Not sure whats going on here. Began happening today. Happens on many websites. Checked for suspicious certs. Removed and added it again, still occurring. Recently did an entware update which included pixelserv tls 2.1.2. Setting TLS min to 1.2 in both chrome and firefox results in...
  11. D

    Can't access Asuswrt-Merlin login via HTTPS

    Is there a browser configuration that needs to be made when you configure Asuswrt-Merlin (currently 384.4_beta3) to be accessible via https://<router's ipaddress>:8443 ? Using Firefox 58.x and 59.0, the browser displays the following and eventually times out.
  12. MRizkBV

    Any plans to support more TLS Crypt ciphers for OpenVPN?

    They started blocking VPNs where I live and it seems like tls-cypt seems to be still working when used with TLSv1.2/TLS-ECDHE-RSA-WITH-AES-256-GCM-SHA384 (That's why my phone used automatically to get access to the VPN). I tried looking for this TLS cipher on asus merlin (I am using the latest...
  13. A

    FTPS / FTP TLS does not work in 380.67

    Hi Folks, I am trying to make use of the new feature FTPS (FTP TLS) in 380.67 version but without success. I enable the TLS for the FTP and also the access from WAN and when try to connect to the router's FTPS service from a remote location with FileZilla client, the connection is established...