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    Tutorial Adding custom SSID and specific VLAN (for IOT for example)

    Hello, I will describe here my experience regarding the creation of an additional SSID (on top of the main and guest ones) on a R7800 in AP mode, with @Voxel's firmware, and having it in its own VLAN. So I have my main router (no wifi) under OpenWrt. The router is connected with ethernet to...
  2. D

    Howto enable external ssh access to netgear r7800 (i have latest Voxel & Kamoj installed)

    Howto enable external ssh access to netgear r7800 (i have latest Voxel & Kamoj installed). ssh server on router works in lan, but from wan i cannot access. and Port Forwarding / Port Triggering page doesnt allow me to create portforwarding to router itself. tried adding to /etc/netwall.conf...
  3. D

    Orbi Router RBR50 Bricked Voxel

    Hello! Someone gifted me a RBR50 system with Voxel firmware installed. I attempted to factory reset using the reset button on the back and following NetGear’s instructions, and now it’s stuck on the pulsing white ring of death. Restarting the router, plugging in the computer, etc. doesn’t do...
  4. S

    Voxel [RBK50] DNSCrypt Proxy configuration being overwritten on reboot

    I'm running the latest Voxel firmware ( on my RBK50. I enabled dnscrypt-proxy-2 using the instructions in the readme. When I try to change the config file /etc/dnscrypt-proxy-2.toml, the changes do not persist after a reboot. Do I need to change the permissions on the file or...
  5. D

    r7800 v/ old Voxel firmware spontaneous factory reset. How to best proceed with REMOTE firmware update and reconfig?

    The r7800 is running Voxel firmware v1.0.2.90SF with Kamoj add-on. It's been stable for a couple years as the main router at my parents' house. A few days ago, possibly due to a storm internet went down -- and stayed down despite power cycling the router. (Edit: a separate device log suggests...
  6. dakial

    Voxel [ORBI RBK50 (RBR50,RBS50)] Suggestions on configuration for maximum range (on Voxel)

    Hello all, I'm looking for suggestions on configurations to maximize range on my RBK50. I have the usual setup (1 RBR50 and 2 wired RBS50) with the voxel firware (V9. I'm guessing that the only levers I have to push (apart from moving the satellites around which I tried already)...
  7. Q

    Voxel R7800 + Voxel, IPv6 Prefix Delegation? [resolved]

    Hello all, I'm trying to configure IPv6 DHCP now that my ISP supposedly has started v6 roll-out for their bridged modems. The only instruction they gave was to enable PD and set the PD size to /56. I have found /etc/dhcp6c.conf and understand that this file can be used to alter DHCP6 settings...
  8. N

    Solved Voxel FW R9000 wireguard How do I select a specific listen port?

    We use custom firmware from Voxel. How can I set the wireguard client listen port to a specific port?
  9. F

    Voxel Wireguard server on Netgear r9000?

    Can I configure the server on the Netgear r9000 Vorxel? Can I see the guide on the official website to configure the interface?
  10. A

    Voxel Get Tx/Rx rates of connections to Satellites

    Hello. I was wondering if there a way to measure signal strength between the main router and Satellites, more specifically, the negotiated Tx/Rx data rates between them. It could be via SSH (contents of file) or the web UI. I'm running Voxel FW on my RBK50s. Thanks!

    Entware Suricata

    Anyone using Suricata on their Voxel-Netgear router (with Entware)? https://suricata.io
  12. N

    Voxel [R7800] Voxel OpenVPN connection and msftncsi issues

    Hi everybody, first of all big up for the community and all the hard work that's being done here. Really cool to see. I decided to switch from DD-WRT to Voxel after reading many good things. However, after a day of tinkering and reading, I'm a bit stuck. My main use case is OpenVPN running...

    Voxel Custom firmware build for Orbi RBK50/RBK53 (RBR50, RBS50) v.

    Continuation of Custom firmware build for Orbi RBK50/RBK53 (RBR50, RBS50) v. New version of Voxel custom firmware build: Changes (vs 1. Toolchain: Go is upgraded 1.17.7->1.17.8. 2. Upgrade dbus to 1.13.22. 3. Upgrade wget to 1.21.3. 4...

    Voxel Custom firmware build for R9000/R8900 v.

    Continuation of: Custom firmware build for R9000/R8900 v. Custom firmware build for R9000/R8900 v. & v. … New version of Voxel custom firmware build: Changes (vs 1. Toolchain: Go is upgraded 1.17.7->1.17.8. 2. Upgrade ubus to...

    Voxel Voxel Firmware Status

    For those who were not aware, @Voxel lives in Russia. The current geopolitical situation is making his personal situation very difficult, and we need to be aware that it is likely we won't have any new update for his firmwares for a while. I am not even sure he can access this forum anymore...
  16. L

    Questions about Voxel in AP mode (RBK50/RBR50)

    First off, I really appreciate all the hard work Voxel is doing put into bringing another option beyond the limited stock firmware. And thanks to group for donating their time to support Voxel users. I'm curious about trying Voxel on my RBK50, but I use it in AP mode with a dedicated firewall...
  17. kamoj

    Kamoj Kamoj Addon 5.5 Beta for Netgear R7800/R8900/R9000 with Voxel FW

    I make beta versions of the next kamoj add-on. The 5.5 beta has a lot more functions than the 5.0 beta and 5.4 betas. The objective is to in the near future make an official release! But first I need some voluntary testers to find serious bugs, anyone is welcome to test 5.5 beta. To be a beta...
  18. M

    Nighthawk R9000 Eth1 and Eth2 interfaces

    Hi All, I'm trying to identify which ports in the back of the R9000 are eth1 and eth2 respectively, I know all are in the same switch but I want to break apart the switch and use those eth1 and eth2 independently, each has its own MAC address. Any ideas where do I need to look into the Voxel's...
  19. K

    keeping net-lan settings static

    Hi, With each voxel release i need to update some settings in net-lan, basically for custom DNS. Is there any way to script these after an upgrade? I don't have a USB drive mounted, but can.
  20. edkoch25

    Orbi RBR50 & Voxel V9. DHCP release/renew issue

    Just updated to 16SF and noticed my internet port dhcp release/renew is set for every 30 mins. How do I change this? Can access/update through telnet, but not sure which NVRAM dhcp lease setting to change.