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Voxel R7800 + Voxel, IPv6 Prefix Delegation? [resolved]

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Hello all,

I'm trying to configure IPv6 DHCP now that my ISP supposedly has started v6 roll-out for their bridged modems. The only instruction they gave was to enable PD and set the PD size to /56.

I have found /etc/dhcp6c.conf and understand that this file can be used to alter DHCP6 settings, but I am not sure how to do/set what my ISP wants us to do/set. I've searched google extensively but the results only have increased my confusion regarding this setup, anybody here who has any idea what to do?

Setup: R7800 latest Voxels FW+latest kamoj addon, entware installed and available.
Firstly sorry for the double-post, but an edit would make this go unnoticed completely.

So, recently our modem got fried (incoming signal on the cable too strong apparently) so our ISP sent over a mechanic to fix the connection and swap out our fried modem for their latest issue modem. With this fresh new modem I suddenly see my R7800 (still on (latest) VOXEL +kamoj) getting an v6 address from my ISP delegated and well, resolving all issues I was having getting DHCPv6 going.

Apparently VOXEL/kamoj/configuration was not the issue, clearly the modem was the culprit here which is strange because both modems operated in bridge at all times :'D I did not expect that one but glad that I got it sorted out (without diving deep into dhcp6c) :)

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