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Assigned IP address to the WAN interface via VPN director: no internet connection - why?

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In my networking environment, I currently use two routers - one (from DrayTek) establishing the connection to my ISP via PPPoE and the other router (ASUS RT-AX86U Pro) which is connected to the first router through a static IP address and also manages all of my devices that are connected to the Internet via their respective VPNs (OpenVPN) . All works fine.

I have tried to assign one specific client to the WAN interface of the ASUS router via the VPN director; that client does not get connected to the Internet.

Any idea why that client does not get connected to the Internet and what ought to I do to have it worked?

Your expertise is really appreciated.
After some internal research in my configuration, I had discovered that I had misconfigured my ASUS router.; I had not enabled NAT as shown on the screenshot. You can leave Enable NAT disabled as long as all your devices use VPN tunnels. Once you have at least one device that has to bypass your VPNs, then have "Enable NAT" enabled.

Hence issue solved. I leave the thread as a lesson learned.


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