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  1. M

    AX86U sudden high CPU usage

    AX86U - 388.2_2 Recently, I have been experiencing high CPU usage on my router, which has been causing connectivity issues. When that happens the DNS service (Adguard Home) stops responding. Additionally, I am unable to open an SSH connection to the router. Occasionally, I can access the...
  2. Hitwomanforrent

    [Bug] Aimesh backhaul "no uplink" UI bug

    Upon upgrading to Asuswrt Merlin 388.1, there seems to be a visual bug on the web interface showing Ethernet backhaul as lacking connection, when the link appears to function as normal. I'm using two RT-AX86U's, one as a node, both running 388.1, on "Ethernet Backhaul Mode." This appears to...
  3. I

    web interface showing internet status: disconnected but internet is working

    Hi all, Since new year I noticed that my rt-ac68u is showing the internet status as Disconnected. I'm running the latest Merlin FW 386.4 . In the "WAN" > "internet connection" web page, I have the value of internet Detection set to "PPP Echo", and I also changed it with the "DNS Probe"...
  4. K-teach

    ASUS GT-AC5300 Turning on Port Forwarding Shuts down Management

    I recently purchased an ASUS GT-AC5300. Great initial thoughts and enjoying the detail in customization. However, I have run into a simple, yet show stopping problem. Every time I toggle “Enable Port Forwarding” on, it goes through some loading animations, says “Complete” but the Complete never...
  5. D

    N5200 Pro can't access web configuration

    Recently I purchased a used N5200 Pro off of eBay. The item wouldn't pass self-test at the time I purchased it. I reseated the RAM and it passes self-test and completes the boot process without any problem. It does not indicate any alarms or failures on the front panel, but the power...
  6. P

    RT-AC3100 slow GUI when 5GHZ radio is on

    Hi all, I'm not certain if anybody will be able to provide any advice or not about this issue (see below), but since I haven't seen my exact symptoms mentioned I thought mentioning it would serve the dual purpose of potentially providing a solution, but also alerting others who might have...
  7. C

    Dedicated VPN router behind RT-AC88U- Why can't I access Asus webUI while VPN-ing in remotely?

    Hello everybody, this is my first post here, so please be gentle! I'm having issues with accessing my RT-AC88U web interface remotely via a PPTP tunnel. Basically, my setup is as follows: -Asus RT-AC88U as my intenet facing router. (LAN subnet -Linksys LRT214 as a dedicated VPN...