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Working on design of a solar powered install with an ASUS RT-AC66U router and IP POE cameras. Two options are connecting via long range wifi antenna or Android phone connection. The location has good cell coverage but also has nearly 5 mile line-of-sight to an antenna tower that will have gigabit fiber service soon that will be used for domestic use, so no extra cost. Am familiar with setting up ASUS routers with USB tethering, and AXIS IP cameras, but have limited experience with solar and no experience with Ubiquiti or MikroTik Antennas/radios or Access Points. The major advantage of using wifi would be unlimited data and the ability to add similar setups to other “nearby” locations using the same base station. Any comments/suggestions on stability, best antennas/radios, access points? Is it possible to connect the router directly to the antenna? The current plan is to use 2 or 3 cameras at different heights with different motion triggers.


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This TP-Link app note has some good advice.

The Fresnel zone is something most people aren't aware of.
Thanks! Will check it out. Have done some of my homework and am aware of Fresnel zone but luckily the Fresnel Zone issue will probably be the least of the problems on this project. FLAT terrain with NO trees and 40' windmill towers on both ends.

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