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Need advice for Wifi 6 router 150€ aprox. (ax58u v2, Deco X60 v3.2)

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I habe been reading a LOT for the last fee days about routers and mesh systems.

Just move into a new house that is 1 floor 1000 square feet (95 m2) my ISP provided a 2015 Wifi 5 router (MitraStar GPT 2541GNAC) for 500/500mb speed.

I suspect its CPU to be a
Broadcom BCM68380 and radio Broadcom BCM43217TKMLG

My goal is to take advantage of my Internet plan upgrading to a Wifi 6 router and buy a TP-Link TX55E Wifi 6 pcie card for my PC which I used wired to ethernet in my old house (not possible here)

I also have a Lenovo Yoga 14s and Xiaomi Redmi K40, both Wifi 6 capable.

I also would like to stream Moonlight gaming into Fire Stick 4k in a contiguous room.

Initially I was about to get a 2 nodes Wifi 6 TP Link DECO X60 v3.2 AX5400 mesh to connect my PC using ethernet, but It seemed overkill since the house is not that big, then I thought that maybe a decent Wifi 6 router would do and I came across the older AX58u/AX3000 and AX82u

They used BCM43684 which seems to be fairly good in terms of range but they also used the slower BCM6750 1.5 Ghz tri-core CPU...

Nowadays I can find V2 of these devices at Amazon for 110€/150€ the V2 change is that they now use a SoC BCM 6756 which seems to be worst at 5 GHz range...

With current ISP router I amb getting 500/500 mb next to the router and 100/100 mb at the furthest point in my house, I am afraid that any of these routers will provide worse range since they do not have dedicated 5GHz chip

Are TUF AX3000 V2, AX58U V2 and AX82U exactly the same or do they have some antenna improvements?

Will I get better connectivity with DECO X50 / X60 3.2 mesh system using 2 nodes?

Any other recommendation I can get for about 150€?

I do not need USB nor advanced features, I just want a superior Wifi 6 stable system for a few devices and streaming

Thank you!
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What's the local price on GT-AX6000 or RT-AX88U Pro (basically same, different clothes)? For 1k ft^2 should literally bathe you in usable wifi.
For 1k ft^2 should literally bathe you in usable wifi.

Not guaranteed in Europe. Different building materials and 200mW power limit on non-DFS channels.

Will I get better connectivity with DECO X50 / X60 3.2 mesh system using 2 nodes?

Most likely, but the main/satellite must be places properly. Get the Deco from a place you can return it or exchange it and see what it can do for you. Expect about 800Mbps from main and about 400Mbps from satellite to common 2-stream AX client. This is what wireless backhaul dual-band system can do on 80MHz non-DFS. If you are lucky you can try channel 100 (higher power) or 160MHz (higher throughput).

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