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A cheeky request for advice - please (Qnap 219 or Synology 209)

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New Around Here
Hi all, sorry for the first post being a begging one... :eek:

I am torn between the two devices, I understand the Qnap is approx 30 - 40 UKP more expensive but obviously has the better processor and memory. But is the extra cost justifiable?

I currently use a Synology 106e which is fine except as you'll understand somewhat underpowered these days. I need the new NAS to back up my DVD video collection and so am looking for a raid 1 device of about 1 - 2TB. It will then be played back through a ps3.

Both devices I understand can do this so functionally they will be ok, I would also like to host a wikimedia for the film database, which again both should be happy about.

So your thoughts and comments please...

Best Wishes and thanks in advance,


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