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A NAS, two CT8 and a mobile router

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New Around Here
We currently have a broadband modem connected to two Asus CT8 units set up as a mesh. There are a couple of NAS boxes attached via ethernet cable to one of the CT8s. We are moving house, and there will not be broadband there immediately. We do have a mobile broadband router (ex BT) that is not brilliant, but does tha basics. I would like to get the NAS boxes working and wondered if I could use one of the CT8s, with the NAS systems connected at the back, as a repeater. And, if so, will the other still operate as a mesh node?
Sorry if this sounds a bit daft, but I am a little unsure of most of this sort of thing.
Welcome to the forums @HatfieldChris.

Ideally, you want to connect it to the NAS via Media Bridge mode.

Otherwise, you can use wireless AiMesh to use the wired ports on it too. However, this is the worst possible way to connect a NAS to a network.

Can you not just place the NAS right by the main router and connect directly?
Thanks for the reply. That is how the NAS boxes are connected at the moment - the modem is connected to a C8 router via ethernet, and the NAS boxes connected via ethernet to the C8 router. Alas, the mobile router that we will have to rely on for a while when we move house does not have ethernet ports. It is a very simple wifi only device, but will keep us connected for a while. So the only option for the NAS is via one of the C8 units, assuming that I can link at least one them to the router via the wifi. I realise it is not ideal, but it will not be a permanent arrangement.
How is media bridge mode different from repeater mode? The NAS boxes are used for both data and for streaming audio. Will media bridge mode cope with both? Sorry to be so ignorant!
Thaanks. The link to the other thread is very useful, and I now understand Media Bridge mode! I can see that it is what I need, and my CT8s can do that. Though because they have a second 5GHz channel dedicated to backhaul in mesh mode they are perhaps a little better than awful?
Thank you gain
Alas, the Media Bridge mode only appears to work with the other CT8 set up as a router. Can this be done if I already have a mobile router (that cannot be used as a modem only)?
You can copy botloader ?
You must enable telnet in the router settings/
Thank you, it looks useful. I am rather nervous of doing that for what is only a temporary situation though. Wimp me!
I have now found and unpacked the one CT8 that we have with us at the moment (the other is still at the old house) and the NAS units. The CT8 is now a wifi extender to the BT Mini Hub (cellular data) and has the printer and NAS plugged into the ethernet ports. And it works. Not the fastest, but the Mini Hub is very slow anyway. We will get by until we complete the house move and have broadband installed. Thank you for the support - I will be sorting out a CT8 in media bridge mode once we have the broadband system up and running.

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