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AC86U with N66U as wireless access point question

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Hello- would someone please be kind enough to give advice regarding a wireless problem.
I have been using an Asus N66U (connected to a BT openreach vdsl modem) on the first floor in the middle of our house.
Wireless has been good enough apart from in the small downstairs extension room. I have traced the problem to the fact that the ceiling has been boarded using foil backed plasterboard which is acting as sheilding!
I have a long cat6e ethernet cable from the N66U going under the first floor to a downstairs room (all under the floor to behind the tv connected to a TRENDnet 8-Port Gigabit GREENnet Switch.
Feeds from this go to the TV/mediabox/reciever/Bt UHD box etc

I have bought an Asus AC86U which i will use to replace the old N66U but want to use the N66U as a wireless access point for downstairs which would hopefully get reasonable wifi into the dead room as it is adjacent.
As it needs an ethernet connection and all the floors are now laminate and I can't get into these rooms underfloor - so can I connect the N66U to the 8 port switch via ethernet to create the access point, or is there a better way.
Have given up with Powerline plugs and TPlink range extenders and have just about spent enough now!
Any help with thoughts/tips/settings etc would be appreciated.
you can do so, or run LAN from upstairs 86U to your AP (N66U) and from that to your 8port switch.
Just do it, not much to think about ...
Thanks for confirmation-any gain doing it this way or does it not matter if 86u lan goes direct to either switch or n66u first?
There is no clear advantage to use one or the other.
Maybe for (not noticeable in your case) faster network use switch between, for maybe more stable Aimesh first to node and switch behind (defective of switch wont be an issue to node).
I personally would prefer master-switch-node.
You can change it all the time easily, I would take what has benefits in running the cables or power plug and other connected clients and to get best position for Wifi-node to cover the rooms.

All this discussions are more hypothethical than anything else ...

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