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Adding node to aimesh

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Hey all,

Wanted some opinions. I've got a GT-AC5300 as my main router, a RT-AC5300 upstairs acting as a node in an AIMesh setup. I'm looking to extend coverage and was looking at the XT9 AX7800 as it's triband and my nodes backhaul are connected on the second 5ghz channel currently.

Will these work (and function properly) with my existing setup? I read that there could be problems with devices that have better feature sets joining an existing aimesh...plus these are ZenWifi and though they say they can be added as nodes to an AIMesh setup I just wanted to see what others thought.

Thanks all
Your existing routers are both on End-Of-Life list. No more firmware updates, no more security fixes. If you buy something newer AiMesh compatible better use it as main router. A mix of AC and AX class routers on different firmware may or may not work well. You'll be testing your luck. Better explore other options, preferably wired.

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