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AiMesh between AsuswrtMerlin and Stock firmware

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Currently i have 2 devices

1. AX58U with Asuswrt Merlin 388.2_2
2. AX53U with Stock Firmware (latest stock firmware)

i can AiMesh both devices with Ethernet.
However on the AiMesh node devise status page, backhaul and fronthaul information are all showing 0kbps.
i had reset both Main router and node multiple times, however result still same.

is this notmal? or is there anything that i can do? beside this everything else seems working fine, just that the ping time time from node client to main router client can sometimes drop to more than 100ms, wondering if this is affecting? i already forced the AiMesh to use only ethernet link.

After you reset to factory defaults, how are you configuring them? With a saved backup config file? Are you using a USB drive that was previously used for amtm/scripts?

What settings do you change past defaults after the resets? How, specifically, are you associating the node with the main router? You should be resetting the node, leave it untouched (do not enter its GUI), and add it from the main router.
Isn't the backhaul going to "0" as you have the devices connected via ethernet - at least according to the image? How many devices do you have connected to the node that should be creating that fronthaul demand?
I feel you are looking at a display issue. You state that everything is working fine with the exception of intermittent 100ms pings which is a normal condition on a WiFi connection. Wired is a great backhaul. The setting to use wired backhaul may be a do nothing as when my ethernet connection went down, the disconnected node connected via WiFi. Mixed Asus and Merlin firmware is fine as long as router and nodes all support AI Mesh 2.0 and in your case they do.

I don't think you have anything to worry about.

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