Any conflicts between ASUS Android router app and Merlin firmware?


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I am wondering if anybody has seen any real conflicts between the ASUS android app for controlling routers and Merlin firmware?
I am not talking about the obvious differences in functionality (and some things not available in the app), but only in the things that might get the router getting stuck, crashing, or something like that.

I've been using that ASUS app for a while, - to quickly lookup things from my phone and to block a certain device from accessing the network, - with no side effects.
Now, as ASUS included access its own VPN configuration in the app, - I wonder if that could cause some problems.


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getting stuck, crashing, or something like that

Your router won't crash, but some settings may get messed up if you use both the App and the GUI for configuration. One example is DNS Filter and the new DNS filtering feature in Asuswrt. Asus app will also trigger new firmware notification in Asuswrt-Merlin, if the firmware you run is not the latest available and you have disabled new firmware notification in GUI. The same will happen if you click on AiMesh page in GUI regardless of your settings in Administration. You'll be fine using the App for monitoring only and the GUI for changing settings. Simple Guest Network on/off is fine on the App.

Now, as ASUS included access its own VPN configuration in the app

Use the GUI only for VPN configurations.

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