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Release ASUS RP-AX58 Firmware version (2023/06/15)

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New Firmware available for the RP-AX58 on the GUI

Firmware version

- Release Note -
Bug Fixes and Enhancements :
- NowTV profile has been added under new IPTV profiles.
- IPTV settings have been updated for better compatibility with Unifi Biz VoIP service.
- Fixed a GUI bug that occurred when adding port range rules in the Network Service Filter.
- Resolved an issue that caused hostname errors in the DDNS service.

Security Fixes :
- Fixed several curl vulnerabilities including CVE-2023-28322, CVE-2023-28321, and CVE-2023-28319.
- Fixed FFmpeg vulnerabilities, specifically CVE-2022-3964, CVE-2022-48434, and CVE-2022-3109.
- Corrected an OpenVPN vulnerability categorized as CWE-134.
- Fixed the Hostap vulnerability CVE-2019-10064.
- Patched a command injection vulnerability.
- Strengthened protection against SSH brute force attacks.
Hello everyone,
Is it possible to use this rp-ax58 in an aimesh node with an RT-1900 router under merlin firmware (updated + factory reset)?
I can't configure it on wifi. In ethernet, yes but not in wifi.
An idea of the problem ? A merlin firmware needed for the RP-ax58?
Thanks in advance.