Asus rt ax56u - all wired (ethernet) unable to connect to router


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Suddenly all of the wired clients (telephone adapter, energy monitor, printer) of this router no longer connect. Wifi clients work perfectly.
The wired connection with both a desktop and using different cable shows the network as "identifying". Connecting to the router using wifi works perfectly. Firmware is the latest merlin version.
There is no difficulty in connecting the pc and laptop to another router (rt ac5u) running john's fork.

Multible reboots of the ax56u haven't solved the problem.

The conclusion is that the wired lan part of the ax56u is no longer functioning, or not functioning properly.

I'm not sure whether this is fixable by a factory reset and reconfiguring, or whether I should seek a replacement router under warranty.

Any suggestions or thoughts about the best way forward?

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