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Asus RT-AX86U Pro Merlin Child Protection

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New Around Here
Child protection is limited to 16 devices, is it possible to change that to a greater number?

That is what i mean, thank you.
So I have to go back to FritzBox because it's not possible for me to use the Asus-Router with this Limitation.

Thank you.
Actually the client list on the AX86U Pro Parental Controls has a limit of 64 devices. Where do you see 16 devices?

Edit: The 64 client limit is on the Asus firmware. Merlin firmware should be the same but if it isn't. come back to the Asus Firmware.
This is the screenshot from Network Map - Client Status - Block Internet Access.

You are right, I found it under Parental Control -Client List : 64 Clients.

Thank you for your help, I guess I have to read exactly before writing...


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