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Beta ASUS ZenWiFi Pro XT12 Firmware version (2023/06/20)

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Tried this and discovered some issues.
The 160 MHz option was missing for both 5 GHz bands.
Noticed a lack of speeds on the 5GHz bands and discovered both 5GHz bands were on 20 MHz.
Set them to 20/40/80 MHz and they were still at 20 MHz.
Set to 80 MHz then they stayed on 80 MHz.
Did a complete reset of the router and all bands were set to 20 MHz with no 160 option.
Rolled back to 22127.
Been running on this firmware for almost 30 hours and it seems fine

Roaming seems to work better, 802.11k neighbor reporting is working well reporting my other XT12 and all the other bands
Looks like this may have been removed by Asus.
Link still works but it is no longer listed on the website.

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