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AX11000 refuses to hold static IP

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Can anyone come up with a reason for my AX11000 not being able to 'hold' a static IP....with dynamic mode working just fine??

I have Metronet FTTH @ 1Gbit with a static IP I pay for. It came with a Nokia G240 ONT (designed for triple play) although I just have the Inet & IPTV.

They gave me a TECHNICOLOR VEN-501 on a 10.x x x subnet & 2 erro 6 units. One connected and acting as the gateway to the ONT's port 2. Port 1 was for IPTV.

I deep sixed the erro's as they were not up to job & connected the AX11000 directly to the ONT's port 2.

I noticed awhile later my static IP changed and realized it must be related to that ONT or the router (any I tried) getting it from their end or something.

Since then (abt 3 weeks) it's changed 3 times. For what I am doing I NEED a static IP do not want/need to use a DDNS service.The IP changed when I either regularly schedule the router to turn off at night and/or restart it.

It should be noted I could not enable static mode with the erro's connected as well, however, never changed then.

I am going to call them on Monday however thought I could pick someone's brain here as well before.

They're my provider as well (how much is the static IP [and how is it not through their NAT?]), with the same ONT but with all three services. (Wife wants the landline which I don't care about but is only like $10; with the added benefit they bump us up for service call needs ; ) Had them for several years now and am quite happy w/ them.

Anyway, it may not matter, but have you tried cloning the eero MAC on your router?

I have not tried that. I was thinking about that as well. The static is only $9.95 a month. I personally don't have the VoIP service...just IPTV & the Inet.

Also, 2, 3, 4 and 5Gbit residential service set for 2024 too 😝. It's the only ISP that allows for a residential acct with the benefit of being allowed to run and and all type of server(s) from your home.

I asked when the fiber was being buried and the tech said: "A server? We allow you to run whatever your heart desires. FTP, GAME. HTTP, ETC. Have at it. No BS, no bandwidth caps, no restrictions" I dropped Xfinity like a bad habit.

Since then I moved from Sandwich to the next town east into Plano, IL (~65 miles West of Chicago proper) but instead of just Inet only I added IPTV as well.
I love Metronet as well...6 years with fantastic Gbit symmetrical throughput all day.

Before the move I had that smaller Nokia ONT W/ fiber in and one LAN port out. I hooked the LAN port via CAT 8 to my Linux box WAN NIC running Zentynal OS or ClearOS....which is linux software based router/gw/firewall/server. I used a 2nd NIC for the LAN side. Static IP via the Linux router software held just fine. The Zyxel hardware router they gave me found it's way back in the installers hands on his way out. Lol.

Now my AX11000 reports that I may be 'double natted' and says I have a private IP address. Lol.

I will grab that eero MAC and enter that into the 11000 and see.

I also forgot to mention that the IP that is shown in the AX11000 router is NOT what is shown when I go to the site: 'whatismyip com'. They show a different IP all together...which could be the already natted IP on their end

So ..either a setting needs updated on their end OR it's on my end as either a MAC cloning issue and/or VLAN issue. I'll ask em tomorrow.


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