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AX86S Wifi connection problems with Sonoff devices

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Hello everyone,

I have installed an AX86S freshly (already reset neueste Merlin) with which I have a problem. Many of my lamps are controlled by Sonoff Basic Wifi switches.See link
The devices all run on 2.4GHZ and I have now made all imaginable attempts with the settings that can be set under wireless, but unfortunately the parts lose the connection to the Ax86s every 60 seconds.

AX on and off. Multiband on and off
with VPN and without
Various channel widths 20 and 40 and mixed
WPA 2 and much more

Tried and tested with no success.

Can someone help me that the connection remains?

Oh yes, the distance to the router is 3 to 8 meters with a clear view.It must be the router or the settings because the devices are in the garden which run over an AP do not have the problem
Go back to Asus Factory firmware. Set up a guest WIFI for the switches. Try the second or third 2.4 GHz guest with a different SSID and enable Access Intranet. Use WPA/WPA2-Personal authentication. No guarantee as they seem like cheap WIFI switches which do not follow WIFI standards. Their web site is really full of fluff and promises.
It may seem counterintuitive and may cause issues with other "distant" devices, but try turning the WiFi power down in Wireless > Professional.
It must definitely be the router. AX88U no problems Pure router Configured and everything worked.
Gl inet Flin 1800 Configured and everything ran

All others gone and now new,
AX86S only problems.

Is too cumbersome to give all devices new SSID.
For years I've never had any problems with Sonoff and something bothers me from the router

The website served as an example.

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