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RT-AX88U Pro - 3004.388.4 - DHCP stops working after enabling JFFS

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New Around Here
I have enabled JFFS and added some config:

cat /jffs/configs/dnsmasq.conf.add


Next day all of my devices were with APIPA addresses 169.x
I was able to connect to the router with manually assigned ip on my device, and once I disabled JFFS, DHCP leases started flowing. Tried to re-enable JFFS again, and DHCP stopped leasing addresses once more (the DHCP server was still in enabled state).

I have run same dnsmasq config on my previous AC88U with no issues.
Read the system log, see what error pops up from dnsmasq starting.

Nov 10 17:35:10 dnsmasq[2705]: bad option at line 32 of /etc/dnsmasq.conf
Nov 10 17:35:10 dnsmasq[2705]: FAILED to start up

It was a copy paste error "a" was omitted on the first line of "address" (and of course I have pasted the config from my old router and not the actual one which is not working, so the error was not present here).

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