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Baby tracker only connects to old AX88U router, not the AX7800 near the nursery

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We have an AI Mesh set up with two XT9 / AX7800 routers for the bulk of our home and an AX88U to extend the range in an office on the far side of the house.

Wife bought an IoT baby tracking device and it only connects to the AX88U, but that's quite far from the nursery where this device needs to be. Network setup didn't even work until I randomly took it into that room. Updates also only work if it is on the far side of that router i.e. not linked to the XT9s. I also tried to just bind the device to just that router but seems AX88U doesn't have that capability.

I'm basically a beginner with router settings, but have tried other things suggested elsewhere by ASUS, e.g. disabling Wifi6, Agile Multiband, Target Wake Time, Protected Management Frames. Tried moving wireless mode to "N".

I know I could move the router to that side of the house but prefer to have the stronger mesh devices in our main living space and this one just covering our bases in that remote wing.

Anything obvious I might be missing to try to increase backward compatibility to get this this device to connect to the newer routers? The product comes from a pretty small company so tech support has been unresponsive. Would appreciate any ideas you all might have. Thanks!
Welcome to the forums @juliocanzone.

Is your SSID and Password simply alphanumeric, with no spaces, special characters, and/or smiley faces? If it isn't, create a Guest Network with such an SSID and Password and see if the behavior is better (if it is, make this combination the main SSID and Password).

Is the baby monitor returnable? First, I would return it and buy another example to test with (do not exchange it; you may easily pass the return period for the second unit as it will be based on when you bought the first one).

If that doesn't work, consider another brand/model that may be more compatible with your network.

For these cheap IoT devices, it isn't worth spending too much time looking/hoping for a solution. Move the router it connects to and you're done.

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