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In the 386 code base, is the best place to configure VLAN and ports (robocfg and brctl) the services-start? I see there are some config files that can be modified (i.e. .conf.add) but not sure if any of them cover that. I want the settings to apply after the ports and VLANs have received their default configs, but before the WAN is fully online. So maybe WAN Connected (since WAN won't actually be up yet at that point)?

Ideally it would be done in a way that it would re-apply should I change any settings in the GUI that may overwrite my custom settings.

Just looking for the "best" and cleanest place to do this.


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You might find the following useful (at least how *I* solved the problem).

Granted, it's only for the RT-AC68U, but could be adapted for other models w/ modest effort.


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You might find the following useful (at least how *I* solved the problem).

Granted, it's only for the RT-AC68U, but could be adapted for other models w/ modest effort.

Thanks. It looks like you're doing the robocfg and brctl and nvram stuff under service-event-end, but I can't quite deduce which service event you're waiting to end?

My needs are far simpler. I'm actually taking advantage of the new GN1 behavior since it creates the bridge, subnet, DHCP, firewall, and everything for me. Simply creating VLAN 999, assigning it to port 4 and 5t, and adding it to BR1. I just tested and it behaves as expected, port 4 gets a 192.168.101.x IP and cannot ping or connect to the main LAN or the Next I will add it to port 1t to send the guest network to my outdoor AP which allows VLAN per SSID.

Actually I'm thinking I might even be able to use the VLAN 501 that it creates, (since I'm not using AIMESH) but not sure if that would conflict with some of the other special configs that it has applied for those VLANs, specifically some special "WGN" ifnames nvram entries and a vlan_rulelist entry. Haven't played with it that much yet.

I have deduced that I can't do a conf.add for any of it, so will need to use a script. Just trying to figure out the best script to use, I need it to happen before the WAN is active (due to the FIOS bug) but after the configs for the ports and VLANs and bridges are initialized.

Out of curiosity, what does adding the new interface to lan1_ifnames (or lan, or lan2) accomplish? Seems to work without it, but I'm assuming it serves some purpose.

I didn't seem to have to do anything with eapd either, I've seen some that say "killall eapd" followed by "eapd". yours just calls eapd without killing first. I didn't do it at all and it was working but again, there is probably a purpose to it.

robocfg vlan 501 ports "1t 2t 3t 4t 5t"
robocfg vlan 502 ports "1t 2t 3t 4t 5t"
#Above is to remove them from port 0 which is causing issues with FIOS.  I could just remove them from all ports since I'm not using AIMESH, but they won't hurt anything on the others.
robocfg vlan 1 ports "1 2 3 5t"
#Remove port 4 from VLAN 1
robocfg vlan 999 ports "1t 4 5t"
#Port 4 into VLAN 999 and also tag it on port 1 to outside AP

vconfig add eth0 999
ifconfig vlan999 up
#Add VLAN 999 to the switch interface and bring it up

brctl addif br1 vlan999
#Add VLAN 999 to the Guest Network 1 Bridge

nvram set lan1_ifnames="wl0.1 eth0.501 eth1.501 eth2.501 vlan999"
nvram set lan2_ifnames="wl1.1 eth0.502 eth1.502 eth2.502 vlan999"
#Not sure what these do really
nvram commit
#Not sure if this is needed if running via a script every time it boots.... can't hurt
killall eapd
#Not sure if these are needed either.

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