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Best-practices for replacing ASUS RT-AX86U with ASUS RT-AX86U Pro (=moving everything from the existing router to a replacement one)?

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Since my current ASUS RT-AX86U starts having Wifi and WAN outages, I like to refresh my router - by replacing my current one with the ASUS RT-AX86U Pro .

How to move all settings (AiMesh, Skynet etc.) best from my current one to my new router?

Any best practices for how to do that best?

Thanks a lot!
Step 1: Take screenshots of all major screens within the Asus Merlin UI on your RT-AX86U and save them in Word (or other preferred word processing app)
Step 2: Take screenshots of your settings in the critical scripts you are running (like Skynet), and save them in Word
Step 3: (optional) Using a tool like WinSCP, copy the contents of your /jffs/scripts folder over locally, so you have some config files to refer to if needed.
Step 4: Install your new RT-AX86U Pro router & scripts
Step 5: Using your screenshots, set everything back up per your old settings! This literally can be done in under 15mins.
Step 6: Take a step back, get a glass of wine, and pat yourself on the back for yet another successful migration!

Thank you!

While I understand that I have to manually configure my new router:

Any way to easily move over my Skynet etc. settings?
Any anything else that's on it.
Sure, there is a possibility to use scripts/code to move some settings. Not really recommended.

Instead of (just) screenshots, I suggest using a text/pdf document to enable copy/pastes too.

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