Can not change admin name nor admin password


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I have no problems to login to web interface. Anyway when I try to change admin name or admin passowrd I get an error that provided password is not correct. How that is possible if I log in correctly to the web interface?


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Are you typing or copy/pasting the password?

I found that the ASUS GUI sometimes doesn't like copy/paste.


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What router model and what firmware version?

Do you have any non-alphanumeric (a-z, A-Z, 0-9) characters in your current username or password?


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Hi, it is Asus RT-AC86U with 386.4 firmware.
I have some special characters in password, user name has only alphabetic characters.

Anyway I found reason of the problem.
My admin user name was diffrent with one visible in smb/ftp user list.
I changed it name from SSH to match. After that I log in using new user name and web ui works again.

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