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Solved Cannot access SMB share from Android

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I've recently upgraded the firmware of my GT-AX6000 to a Merlin version, so that I can set SMB2 protocol for my Samba share (= ssd attached to the router via USB3 port).
I can access this share from Windows pc no problem. However, on Android devices I have a strange problem:
- I can access the share via VLC or Kodi to stream movies;
- I cannot access the share through any file explorer apps. Before the upgrade to Merlin, FX File Explorer worked when SMB1 protocol was used. However, now with SMB2 I cannot. The app attemps to connect for a while and then gives an error.

The android devices are on the same network. Connection settings of FX File Explorer are set to "SMB 2+" protocol. I can't find any solutions on the internets so far.

Any help is appreciated.
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There was a similar problem with my Android phone, using CX file manager. I could not access my network files. The problem was that I had installed McAfee on my Andoid that had added a VPN to my system. It had even prevented my logging in to the network hub I was using. When I switched VPN off, I had full access to my network.

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