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Hello all, I cannot connect to the screenrant.com website on any of my browsers (PC, phone, iPad, etc) that are connected to my router. I thought maybe it was being blocked by Skynet or Diversion. But it doesn't seem to be either one of those that is blocking it. I can connect to the website on my phone if I disconnect from my wifi and connect via cell data. I cannot think of anything within my router that could be blocking the website? Is anyone else having the same issue by any chance?
Could this be isp related? What dns servers have you tried?
I get straight through, so likely not Merlin/Diversion/Skynet related.
I use Google's but I tried switching to my ISP as well and still getting same thing either way.
It's also possible that the IP provided by your ISP is blacklisted by that specific site.
I will try that as well Tech9. It's not the end of the wold that I cannot access the website at home, I can still visit website from my cellphone via data. Much appreciated from all with suggestions!

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