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Cannot upgrade one node :/

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New Around Here
Hi all, since yesterday without any updates or anything my XT8 mesh node kept dropping off the network and i had to reboot it to get the devices back. This morning i decided to bite the bullet and install merlin to see if this would resolve the issue and ran into further problems, mainly that the mesh node install was fine, but the main router will not upgrade :/

Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 08.35.19.png

When i try to upgrade, i get this

so now im currently looking like this and the problem persists

Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 10.18.27.png

is there a way i can force the upgrade with having a hard reset? that just seems the microsoft fix from the 90s

cheers all
You are better off running Asus firmware on nodes.
I've seen that stated but have successfully run an XT8 all-gnuton-Merlin mesh in the past.

OP it seems then that the node itself wasn't the problem to start with?

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