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Can't access AiCloud on AC66U

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I've been trying for the last couple days to get AiCloud working so I can access a network share, but I can't seem to get anywhere. I'm able to access the drive from within the network Samba and FTP without any problem. But upon entering the Asus DDNS or IP address just gives me a "This site can't be reached" page.

I read a few places in the forum about ports being blocked by the ISP, so I don't know if that's my problem. Is there any way I can check, and if they are is there a way around that?

If someone could point me in the right direction, I'd be much obliged.
I think AICloud uses port 443 by default but you can change it in the UI. Are you using stock firmware? Who is the ISP and what model device do you have the AC66U connected to? Please post a tracert out from the network device you are trying to access to make sure there isn't any double NAT issue.
Okay, I finally got a chance to check this out. I was actually able to get it working by resetting at the AiDisk Wizard page. When I initially used the wizard, I didn't enable ASUS DDNS service through. I then later tried to manually add it to the router. I'm guessing my router recognized the name I set up, but I don't think it was registered on Asus' site. When I looked up the name I'd set my router up with, I found it because someone else had registered it. The IP address was different from my router's IP address though. (Because of my inexperience, I didn't notice this disparity until after I'd solved the problem.) (Btw, RT-AC66U is stock-

Thanks for taking notice of my problem and the comments! I have another problem with accessing it through backup software on my network, but I'll make a new post for that.

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