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  1. S

    RT-AC66U with RT-N66U PSU & Antennae

    I currently have an ASUS RT-N66U which I used as a switch & access point combo with wired backhaul. It recently died but the PSU is confirmed still working. I am looking for a replacement and I have seen an ASUS RT-AC66U going cheaply because it does not have a PSU or antennae. Does anyone here...
  2. Y

    Rt-AC66u Change 5ghz channel in repeater mode

    Hi i just recently installed merlin latest for ac66u i am using repeater mode of my router 2.4ghz is repeating my network i understand both router needs to be on same channel for repeater mode but 5ghz channel i want to change as my device's support only channels that are above 140 while in...
  3. Z

    AC66U shows Internet disconnected but I am connected

    I have a strange issue with my Asus AC66U B1 router. I connect to my ISP through "bridge mode". This means that I am using the router provided by my ISP just for communication and the router functionality in it is disabled. The ASUS are getting IP etc directly from the ISP and is my "main...
  4. R

    AiMesh AX88U & AC66U-B1 packet loss, high RTT and jitter

    Setup details are attached. I'm running an AX88U + AC66U-B1 AiMesh combo. The AC66U is in my room with a 1G ethernet backhaul, I mainly use an MBA 2020 in the room and I've been noticing some issues with the 66U which don't seem to be there on the 88U in the living room. Typical conditions on...
  5. B

    YazFi YazFi DNS non responsive

    Just installed YazFi 4.3.4 on my AC66U running john's fork 51E3 (the latest). I notice that on guest networks managed by YazFi im having severe DNS timeout problems. Devices connected to a guest network managed by YazFi keep having to try over and over again in the hope of resolving, whereas if...
  6. S

    Asus AC86u & AC66u AiMesh Slow Speeds

    Hi, first time poster here. I currently have an AC86u as a main router, and an AC68u as a AiMesh node (wireless backhaul as wired is not possible). The AC86u is unfortunately in probably the worst place it could be, being downstairs in the extreme corner of a 1000 sq ft house, but there is...
  7. D

    Solved Access USB storage on AC66U_B1 repeater?

    Hi guys, I'm struggling a bit with setting up my routers the way I'd like them to be. I have, in my living room, an AC86U as my main router. I have set up an AC66U as a repeater upstairs (same SSID). It works fine. However, I would like to attach an HDD to the upstairs router and to have access...
  8. Danacy

    AC66U: Johns Fork vs ISP Router

    Hi all, With my new gigabit internet they gave me a Zyxel T-50 but I already have the Asus AC66u ISP Router: VMG8825-T50 It has a EcoNet CPU, dual core 2x 900mhz...
  9. ekze

    AC66U slow with 6in4 - advise on new router

    I've been struggling with my AC66U (old rev.) speed issues, finally I narrowed it down to IPv6. When I enable 6in4, my speed over ipv4 gets capped at around ~130-150 mbps, and router is lagging like crazy (ICMP 20-30ms, unresponsive web), as soon as I disable IPv6, I get ~700-900 mbps without...
  10. R

    Does the AC-1750 B1 (AC66U B1) support WireGuard

    I've been using Merlin for the past couple years. The advanced OpenVPN configuration has been a blessing when it comes to setting up 2 or 3 streaming devices, but it's not very usable for other devices, since the speed is capped at ~20 Mbps due to the single-threaded nature of OpenVPN and the...
  11. S

    AC66U OpenVPN Entware

    Hi all, I am running a DSL-AC88U (Stock ASUS build as no custom firmware avaliable) and have a RT-AC66U as access point, running asus-merlin and entware. I would like to setup the AC66U to run all its traffic (transmission server, plus some other little devices) through a VPN (ExpressVPN), but...
  12. Toynbert

    AC66U non-B1 crashing rebooting daily

    Reboots itself every 1-3 days. Currently running merlin 380.69_2 Started failing on Merlin RT-AC66U_380.70_0 long after updating it. Have tried stock from ASUS FW_RT_AC66U_300438251641 Have tried merlin fork RT-AC66U_374.43_41E6j9527 using the restoration utility reset to factory defaults on...
  13. A

    ASUS RT-AC66U-New Modem caused Drop in Speed

    I have had a Cable internet connection for years. The AC66U did just fine. Fiber optic internet became available and I just switched over. That meant a new modem/router combo. The modem router combo runs n as it's fastest wifi. However, after testing with and without my AC router, my speed...
  14. dugaduga

    Device(s) entered Promiscuous mode, internet goes down, what happened?

    I had an issue today, internet stopped working, everything, even tor, then the following: After a reboot everything was back to normal. I saw nothing "promiscuous" in logs dating back to the 13'th, these are fresh. Any idea what this means? Thanks
  15. T

    Ac66u b1 1.75A power supply

    Hello :) i am trying to get a really good deal sorted. 1 ac66u b1 and 1 ac66u for 20 bucks. b1 is missing power supply and ac66u is missing an antenna. I currently have a spare n66u which has a 1.58A power supply. But the b1 is demanding 1.75A power supply, is it possible to run the b1 on a...
  16. Rogfitz

    AC66U as AP Merlin 380.70 Guest network restrict LAN access

    I have an Asus AC5300 as primary router, gateway and DHCP server and an AC66U as a secondary AP. On the AC66U I have created a Wifi Guest Network that I don't want to access my LAN. Only the AC5300 for internet access and a single Chromecast. I get this to work when using stock firmware...
  17. Y

    What to do with RT-AC66U?

    Hi everyone, I've recently acquired a second hand ac66u. As far as I can tell it's not the _b1 version (2usb2 ports, no usb3 and no indication on any model number). It's been recommended to me to flash the merlin firmware, but I've read that the most recent one is not supporting my model. The...
  18. G

    Asus ax88u Asus ac87u asus ac66u

    hi i have 3 asus linked togheter. but i get a funny IP on one of them but when looking in client list i see it with a ip. why is that? cant figuer it out and did not get any help from asus. i use merlin on all router beside the old ac66u i have tried ax88u is the main unit...
  19. R

    RT-AC66U 380.70 Recovery mode has no IP

    Hello, I'm trying to recover my AC66U from 380.70 to Merlin fork 374.43_39E1 When I put the router into recovery mode and the power light is blinking, the router does not seem to have the expected IP address How can I do this (without a serial cable please) Ronald
  20. S

    How I bypassed Asus and installed Tomato on my RT-AC66U

    A friend recently gave me his Asus RT-AC66U and said I was free to play around with it and experiment. After realizing that OpenWRT and DD-WRT were not viable firmware options, I looked in to Tomato. Seeing tons of successful installs on this particular router, I decided to give it a while...