Can't connect Merlin OpenVPN client to Pivpn server.

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New Around Here
Good morning all,

Attempting to connect a remote AC5300 (384.19) to my Pi 3B+ pivpn (OpenVPN) server.

Using Android/windows 10 Openvpn client I can import the .ovpn file and I'm up and running without issue. (Ports are all open and the server is definitely functional)

This is just a test user, but the log is telling me -> TLS Error: TLS handshake failed.
I've tried with and without a password, still "Error - check configuration"

Here are two screen caps of my settings and the log output.

Log readout
My settings

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



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New Around Here
Through more testing I now realize it's a port issue, I just don't know why. Forwarded the port on router, I check the UDP port using and it shows open|filtered on UDP but I can't connect anywhere outside my LAN. I can't get Wireguard to connect either. DMZ made no difference, I have another router connected using PPPOE directly to my Modem/Router that was issued it's own IP address from my ISP so maybe that's causing some type of interference.

Thanks to anyone who read my initial question.

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