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Change SSH port (Via SSH)

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New Around Here
Hi All
Im fairly new here. My brother logged into our TM-AC1900 (RT-AC68U) and enabled SSH. Not only did he enable SSH, he also changed the router to https only, and put SSH on port 443. Now we can only ssh into the router. My question is, how do we change the SSH port via SSH?
I would like to change it so we can at least backup our router settings before flashing it.
perhaps you shouldn't - leave ssh on port 22/tcp and put a strong password behind it.
Thanks for your prompt response, however the damage is already done. SSH is now currently running on port 443. I need to change it back to 22 via SSH.
Depending how quickly the responses are and how important your network is, consider simply resetting the router to factory defaults and then putting in a password your brother doesn't have. :)
I have considered resetting, however theres too many devices utilizing reservations and port forwarding on my network to simply reset.
try doing a "killall dropbear" on the command line, and then you should be able to log into the web ui and make the appropriate changes, and then reboot the router and you should be good to go.

dropbear is the app that provides the ssh connection

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