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WiFi device client name change causes refused connection

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I have a WiFi device that has been used with the WiFi router (RT-AC87U) working fine, using DHCP.
Now the device has a new client name, and the router refuses connection.
If the device uses the old client name, the router accepts connection.

How can I make the router forget about this device with its old name, so that it can connect with the new name and work as normal?
What device is this?

How did you change it's name?

Can you 'forget' the settings on that device, reboot and then re-associate again?
My question is how I can make the router forget the settings. It is the router that is the problem here since it shows a device that has had a name change as connected in the logs, and confirms the connection to the device, but refuses any network communication and does not show the device as connected in the client list.
The Client List is unreliable and frequently shows incorrect information. It should be ignored as it does not effect connectivity in itself. The only accurate information is shown in Wireless Log and DHCP Leases.

Is this the same problem you reported in your other thread?

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