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DSL-AC88U Port Forwarding doesn't seem to be working when not in the local network

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I have a DL-AC88U Modem and I'm trying to make the Port Forwarding work.

I setup a DDNS through the modem's asuscomm.com DDNS service.

I forward the port 5000 to (which is the static ip of the device I set up in the modem) with the port 5000.
I also forward the port 2000 to (another static ip of another device - raspberry pi) with the port 443.

When I'm connected to the internet and if I try to access these ports via web browser both by entering the local IP adress as and also by entering myddnsaddress.asuscomm.com:5000, I can connect to the devices.

But when I try to connect to the myddnsaddress.asuscomm.com:5000 from another computer which is not in my home network, I can't reach it. When I saw that I could connect to this address from my desktop, I assumed the port forwarding was working because I was using the ddns address. But I don't know why it's not working when I'm outside of my home network.

I don't understand why this port forwarding has always issues and not straight forward.

Could you please help me? What should I check?
I think I found the problem. My WAN IP address is not the same with my Public IP. That's why I'm having issues. It looks like my service provider put me in a CGN pool. It may be difficult to have them take me out of this pool but I'll try. Otherwise there is no other way for me to get a Static IP to make all the port forwardings work.
Use OpenVPN to connect to your home network. Do not open holes in your firewall for no reason.
Use OpenVPN to connect to your home network. Do not open holes in your firewall for no reason.
I don't know how to use it yet. Is it free or do I have to make a payment?

I'm trying to setup NextCloudPi in my network but I want to be able to access to my cloud from anywhere even from outside my local network. So in order to do that I set my ddns and tried to forward the port in order to access to my data from outside. (Local network works fine without forwarding )

How this OpenVPN will help me? Do I have to make the setting on the modem or do I also have to adjust something on Raspberry Nextcloudpi os?

thank you.
There's always search.

Yeah, I was also reading something about it. But I want to ask; so let's say that I have Open VPN in my router, do I still need to use DDNS if I don't have a static IP in order to connect to my local network from outside?

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