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Combine MoCA and PoE in one device?

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Does anyone make a device that combines MoCA and PoE in one device? Such a device would have an Ethernet port and a coax port like the current MoCA adapters. It would also be powered by a power source beefy enough to power several devices on the other end of the coax run, where the MoCA adapter would not need its own supply and could, in addition, power a camera or WiFi access port. It would greatly clean up wiring at the network end point.

I have come across the LINOVISION POE Over Coax EOC Converter:

… but it apparently can only handle Fast Ethernet speeds.
This has also been a question for powerline networks since powerline adapters are even physically plugged into power--and I know of only one product made many years ago. It just seems like there isn't the demand enough for someone to make it.
FWIW, I found a different manufacturer of this kind of device, dualcomm.com formerly known as pairtek.com (products available from Amazon or direct). Looks like theirs are also limited to 100Mbps ethernet speed, though.

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