Conflict with system status Wireless menu and wireless authentication method tab.


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HI First of all I had the RT-AC88u I gave it away and now I have a brand new RT-AX88U.
I have been having issues applying WAP 2 for the Authentication Method under the wireless general tab.

The drop down bar keeps reverting back to open network but clearly under network map wireless It's states the WIFI is set to WAP2 Personal.
I have managed to apply WAP2 personal a few times.
I have also restored and reflated the firmware.
I believe the issue could be the wireless authentication method and the general map wireless menus conflicting
otherwise I'm very unlucky with new hardware.
I have disabled smart connect when smart connect is enabled on 2.4 and 5ghz the WAP 2 personal is displayed.
I would prefer to us 2.4 and 5ghz frequency.
Thanks hope you can resolve this issue.
see images below

wirless authenticaton tab.PNG

applying wifi.png


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