connecting two netgear vpn boxes

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I've sought help about this on the netgear forum before coming here but didn't get any.

I have two netgear hardware vpn's both fvs318v1's, both have firmware v2.4. I'm having a lot of difficulty trying to connect these two devices and bring up an active vpn tunnel. They are both behind NATs at each end and I've forwarded ports udp 500 and 4500 at both ends. my first question is: when setting up these devices does one have to be a client and one a gateway? or should they both be configured as gateway? or both as clients? nothings works and the tunnel always comes up 'inactive'. I've read about connecting them straight to the internet modem but don't want to do that at this stage. and I'm aware these devices are old but they should still work.

secondly: how does one get hold of the netgear vpn client software and get it up and running? I downloaded and installed it, it asked me to register for a license key but when I clicked the link to register I got 'page not found'. should I go for an earlier version? and if so which one is suitable to connect to the FVS318? I've tried shrewsoft vpn client but had no luck with that either.

I've been stuck on this for days so thanks for any advice.

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