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Convert AP Node to AIMesh

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I have an 86U an 68U with Merlin 384.13. The 68U is setup in AP mode and is connected via ethernet to the 86U. I want to give AIMesh a try - main reason being that I want a more seamless roaming experience as I move around the house with my cell phone while doing wifi calling.

Is there anything I need to do other than on the 68U, set it to AIMesh Mode and follow the instructions once having done so.

And just to cover my bases, if I am not happy with the results, is there anything I need to do special to reverse the process.

save config of your 68U, factory reset it with initialize, then reboot and pair it only on 86U, thats it, nothing else to do or set on 68U.
If your'e not happy load config and all will be as before (before disconnect it in mesh on 86U and factory reset 68U to get access again).
Hi Grisu, Got to thinking more about your reply, and maybe I am over thinking this. But here goes.
Right now - Fiber connection from my ISP goes to WAN port of 86U - primary router. Through internal house wiring, 68U is connect on the 68U side to WAN port and to LAN port on the 86U. I also have devices connected to the LAN port of the 68U.

Ok - so I reset the 68U. So, now it is at with a connection to my 86U - also at I could hook up 68U from it's WAN port to my laptop, but then it can't see the 86U. Could you elaborate a bit more on your approach.

OK - I think I've figured it out. I was working on the assumption that after resetting the node (68U), one logged into the node, and navigate to the Administration page, and chose the Mesh option, and then it would figure how who the Mesh Router is. Apparently I had it totally backwards. As Grisu suggested, simply reset the Mesh Node, and then from the Mesh Router, search for Mesh Nodes, and the 68U should show up as a candidate, and select it.
OK :)) The conversion to Mesh from AP worked as advertised, but now I am a bit confused about some of the results I am seeing. I am sitting in my family with HP Laptop funning WinFi. This is about 10 feet line of site in front of the 68U (Mesh Node). Generally, RSSI is about -35dbm while the RSSI for the 86U (Mesh router) is about -72 dbm. Most of the time, the laptop is connected to the 68U, which makes total sense. But, occasionally, it will switch to the 86U, which makes no sense. After switching to the 86U, it will stay there for a little while and then switch back to the 68U. The laptop has not changed locations at all when this happens, and the RSSI values are only showing minor fluctuations. Roaming assistant is enabled and set to -65 dbm. Also, just in case it matters, Smart connect is disabled, all the values I was discussing are for the 5 Ghz network.

Any ideas?

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