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Unbound Correct options enabled?

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Í'm just wondering if I have the right options enabled in unbound? I used easy mode since I'm not an advanced user.

Router Configuration recommended pre-reqs status:

[✔] Swapfile=2097148 kB
[✔] DNS Filter=ON
[✔] DNS Filter=ROUTER
[✔] WAN: Use local caching DNS server as system resolver=NO
[✔] Entware NTP server 'S77chronyd' is running
[✔] Enable DNS Rebind protection=NO
[✔] Enable DNSSEC support=NO


[✔] unbound CPU/Memory Performance tweaks
[✔] Firefox DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) DISABLE/Blocker
[✔] unbound-control FAST response ENABLED

Thank you!

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