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[AX4200] Wireguard problem

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New Around Here

I just got a new AX4200, got it updated to the latest firmware:
Its WAN Connection Type is PPPoE.
WAN DNS settings (in LAN tab / DHCP Server, DNS fields are empty):
  • Adguard Family ->,
  • Forward local domain queries to upstream DNS: no
  • Enable DNS Rebind protection: no
  • Enable client auto DoH: Auto
  • DNS Privacy Protocol: None

I have 2 questions about Wireguard and provided DNS:

1. Wireguard

I setup its DDNS (as my IP is dynamic): e5-...asuscomm.com
I enable Wireguard on my router with these configurations:
  • Access Intranet: on
  • Tunnel IPv4:
  • Port: 51820
  • Allow DNS: on
  • Enable NAT: on
  • Pre-shared key: on
  • Private key ... , public key ...
I add new Wireguard client on router, then download Wireguard app on my iPhone and starts to connect. It does not work, cannot load a webpage.
In Wireguard app on my iphone, I change DNS to, it does not work either.

Did I configure something wrong? Please show me how to fix.

2. DNS
As specified in my WAN DNS settings, I am using Adguard Family provided in the router settings.

However, when I use with my WIRED computer -> Ads are blocked; else (with my wireless/wifi devices), Ads are not blocked.
Why? How should I fix this?

Best regards,
I'd like to add additional information on my question #2:
My WIRED computer uses static IP address, while my wireless devices use dynamic, i.e. IP addresses are obtained from DHCP server
I'm not familiar with that specific router. That sounds like 2 problems not one. I'll try to help with the Wireguard one, as that's the thread title.

  • If as you say you are failing to connect to the router, then that's nothing to do with the router's DNS, because you are failing to get to that. => It's something at the client end which is failing.

  • In Android the Wireguard app has a log file so you can see what it's doing, and in your case why it's failing.
    Find that, and post it here, redacting anything which looks like a key or a password.
I got my 2 questions/problems solved, by simply switching from AdGuard Family to AdGuard. All work beautifully

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