CT8 Woes - Only affects Playstation and Switch Online Gaming

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New Around Here
Hi All,

I wonder if anyone can help with my CT8 issues. I have the dual pack, fairly basic setup using default 5ghz 2nd channel as backhaul.

I have lots of devices on the network (30+ most days) and everything works fine - Chromecast, google home devices, phones, tablets, laptops etc and my internet connection is a fairly solid 200mbps down 20 up.

The issue I am having is that online gaming on my sons switch or PlayStation 4 is unusable. Constant lag spikes and connection errors. Connection tests on the devices themselves seem to be ok, with consistent reporting of approx 30mbps dl and decent ping. In-game is a different matter.

So far I have tried:

  • full factory reset and switched points over (switched main to be access point etc)
  • Turned on QoS
  • turned off QoS
  • Separate guest wifi channel for affected devices
  • Put PS4 in DMZ
  • Hardwired PS$ using ethernet
Asus support say its the devices but I know this isn't the case. I have recently switched to ASUS from Google Wifi and they worked fine on that network (switched to fix a different issue). And I have tried the PS4 round my friend house and it worked fine on a crappy isp modem/router with a 10mbps connection!

Have I dropped £300 on some dud hardware?

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