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D link 605L

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I have a spare dlink 605L and wanted to use it as a booster to rooms upstairs. The question is does this router have to be hardwired to the main router ? Can it work wirelessly in addition to the main router ? Can the existing router be left on whilst still using the DLink upstairs to broadcast ?
Where can I get info as to how to configure this router to work with my existing router

Kind regards

Ps this router is no longer supported by dlink so unable to get info from them.
If it supports Repeater mode, you can hook it up wirelessly. Otherwise, you'd need a cable (access point mode). Yes, the main router should be on.
In its initial form, I don't think the DIR-605L did have a repeater mode though it may have gained this at some point through a firmware update. It's still an 11yo N300 device though, remember N300 actuality is only if you are lucky, and using it as a repeater will effectively halve that maximum!

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