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D-Link DIR 655 vs DIR 628

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New Around Here
Hi guys,

I'm looking to buy a new router and I found these two D-Link DIR 655 vs DIR 628, for a similar price at a local store.

What do you guys think is the overall better router out of the two?


Your choice is basically gigabit ethernet and faster routing performance (DIR-655) vs 5 GHz support (DIR-628).
Unless you intend to run a 5 GHz-only network, the 655 would probably be a better choice.
Thanks jdabbs,

Which of the two has more range?

I don't really do a lot of networking between the computers, maybe a few small files once every two weeks.

Which of the two routers will be better for VOIP? I will connect the voice over IP router behind one of those routers.

I'm using this cordless 2.4 Ghz phone from Panasonic, that promises a Wireless network friendly built in capability to avoid interference from Wi-fi networks and microwave ovens.

I guess that if this "Wireless network friendly in capability" works, I shouldn't have to worry about running a 5Ghz betwork vs a 2.4 Ghz to avoid interference. So having a 5 Ghz to avoid interference maybe shouldn't be something to take into consideration, right?
The 628 underwent a revision a few months ago that replaced the radio, so the performance data here may not reflect what you buy today. However, both devices use Atheros radios and feature 2 dBi antennas. I would expect range to be similar with the performance advantage going to the 655 as it is a 3T3R design. Performance also lies in your choice of client, so you may not be able to take advantage of a potential performance difference anyway.

Both use Ubicom CPUs, so QoS should be identical.

You are describing the ability of your phone to handle interference. This is a separate function from its ability to cause interference. If your phone allows you to manually set a channel, then you can work around the issue.

Since range is the first thing your reply brought, it's probably important to you. Although moving to the 5 GHz band allows you to escape from interference in the 2.4 GHz spectrum, the use of a higher frequency results in reduced range. You exchange one problem for another.
Thanks a lot for such a detailed reply,

I have one last inquiry:

Can use the DIR 268 in the 5 GHz frequency without interrupting the communication with my 2.4 GHz wireless print server?

Or this pretty much take away the argument of using the 5 GHz feature on the DIR 268, therefore making the DIR 655 a clear winner?
The 628 can only operate in one band at a time, so for 5 GHz operation you would need another device for your 2.4 GHz devices. The router you are using now may be do the trick.

There's a performance penalty for having your 11g and 11n clients share the same AP. Your print server wouldn't be much of a problem unless it is particularly chatty, but your other 11g devices may be. Then again, you may just be looking for a "better" router, and not be too concerned with wringing the last bit of performance out of it.

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